Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And God Said. . .

This morning before I got out of bed I impulsively asked God, “Is there something you’d like me to write this morning that would help people?”, and God promptly replied, “I don’t care.”

Interpret that as you will, but it (1) made me decide to post some pictures, and (2) prompted me to ask if a lot of damage hasn’t been done by individuals who claim to get direct messages from God.

I’m not talking about the messages which say, “Shoot everybody in the Quicky Mart” or which spell out God’s instructions for serial killings. I’m talking about the messages which sane humans have taken seriously.

Although I did get an answer from God this morning, I definitely have not graduated to the stage of hearing a voice from a burning bush, or receiving engraved tablets, or even feverishly taking dictation from the Almighty. I am therefore unqualified to judge those who have had such experiences, but it seems to me they always lead to trouble.

Once God starts handing out tablets or giving dictation it isn’t long before sets of rules and instructions, of do’s and don’t’s, get into the works. Far from saying, “I don’t care”, God lays down laws, precepts, and warnings, and the next thing you know, A Religion is born.

We all know what A Religion means: More and more rules, and MORE rules, and then quarrels, politics, schisms, persecutions, and wars. I think God made a very wise choice when he answered me, “I don’t care.”

In honor of my revelation, I’m posting pictures of the blossoming lemon tree outside our back door, which attracted not only me but a host of flying creatures. I believe that images are a more natural expression of God than words. My old camera expired a few weeks ago, and these are my first efforts with the new one, except for the water drop taken by Julia.

Click on a photograph to see the original size. . . especially the moth and the bee.


  1. So you're out there doing God's work today. Good for you. Interesting pictures too.

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words and thoughts. Both offering truth...

  3. Beautiful pictures. These are creations of god, he cares.

    have a nice weekend.

  4. Where have I been? I should have thanked Zoey,l Ann, and Pink Ginger for their comments before now. Please don't have my blogging license revoked.

    Pink Ginger, it was meaningful to me when you said that those creations of God that I photographed show that God cares. A very good insight, thank you.

  5. fleming, what camera did you use to take these photographs? They are only 200KB in size yet they dropped my jaw.

  6. Wombat, thanks. I was using my new camera, bought recently after the old Kodak Easyshare retired.

    The new camera is a Sony Cybershot, DSC-H2. 6 megapixels, 12X optical zoom. Nothing exceptional, really, except that I expected the optical zoom to help with closeups as well as distant shots.

    I'm glad you like the results. By the way, I think that resizes photos to fit into blogs. When you click on a photo you see the original size, I think.