Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I've always like to draw, although you wouldn't know it from these cartoons.

Here’s an odd “self originated” belief or insight that came to me years ago, contrary to everything I’ve ever read or heard: There is something wrong, in some respect, with the application of the Doppler Effect in astronomy and astrophysics.

This belief is based entirely on intuition and not on scientific investigation. I cannot explain it or prove it is true. I wish I had shown enough aptitude for mathematics to enable me to understand more about physics, especially astrophysics and quantum physics, than one can glean from those often confusing books for laymen -- confusing because it is often impossible for the valiant authors to translate mathematical conceptions of the universe into words. A professor once told me, as I made my way through a popular book about Einstein’s theory of relativity, that it is simply impossible to understand relativity theory without knowing the math. I feel like an illiterate person in the world's most important library.

Speaking of Einstein, here’s another of my intuitions and convictions: There is something wrong in Einstein’s relativity theory and his related theories. I don’t know what’s wrong – just something significant. I think it will eventually be proven, as I also think that my belief about the Doppler Effect won’t sound so crazy someday. But we can expect those with a vested interest in promoting Einstein as the ultimate supergenius to put up a fight to preserve his standing.

In the next entry I expect to write about the self originated belief that is most important to me and most difficult to explain. It has to do with eternity.