Monday, November 27, 2006

Very Little

I apologize to my eager readers for making them wait so long today for a blog entry. I’ve heard that some are getting quite impatient.

All along I had planned to write only a very short piece today, but I didn’t expect it to be almost nonexistent. Technical difficulties intervened, and at the end of the day I find myself sitting in the dark in more ways than one.

“Technical difficulties” sounds better than “pilot error” or “user confusion”. In this age which substitutes euphemisms for solutions – “issue” instead of “problem”, “challenged” instead of what my grandmother called “afflicted”, and “food insecure” instead of “hungry” – I officially declare my delay a result of technical difficulties: One of our two cats was found playing with a long black snake on the back porch, requiring the human male of the house to gallantly wrestle the mighty serpent into submission and set it free under the lemon tree. My wife reported a smell of something burning in the kitchen – which wouldn’t have been unusual if one of us had been cooking, but there was nothing turned on in there except a couple of lights; ongoing investigation is required. All morning I struggled with creating hyperlinks in my other blog, only to discover that while I’d thought there was something wrong with them, they were actually all right. Add to that my native procrastination and laziness (like the youngest cat, I become active in short, lively spurts separated by long periods of sleep or sluglike inertia), and you see why this blog post is as full of profound thoughts as an issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

When I first began FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS, my old friend Victor Adamus kindly offered to read over the posts before I published them, and his proofreading and comments have saved me from embarrassing myself even more than I have. Thank you, Vic! Here’s a plug: Victor and his son, Jon, have a real estate agency with offices in Orlando and Cocoa Beach, and so if you’re ever looking for property in Central Florida, consider contacting one of them at Adamus Realty Group.

There. You’ve seen what will probably be the one and only commercial announcement ever to appear on this blog.

I hope that the house doesn’t burn down tonight, and that my psychic batteries recharge me to full philosophical frenzy in the morning.

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