Friday, May 18, 2007

The Game of Light and Mirrors

A few nights ago I experienced a vivid mental image. Whether it was a dream or a “vision” or something else I don’t know, but it woke me up accompanied by a clear perception of its meaning.

I saw a cluster of mirrors arranged at different angles more or less in a circle facing one another at different levels, more like the inside of a ball than a flat circle, so that every mirror faced other mirrors. There were different colors reflecting from some of the mirrors. I couldn’t see images in the mirrors.

It was a closed system seen against a big black background, as you might see a tight constellation of stars against the night sky. The mirrors did not impress me as large, but they could have been huge or small because there was nothing to measure them against or to give perspective.

The vision came, conveniently, with its own explanation: This is the game that consciousness plays with itself. This is all there is. There is nothing beyond the mirrors.

It made me think of ping pong.

I had the feeling of a revelation, of an insight into what we call reality -- a closed system game of light and mirrors. And I felt a kind of cosmic aloneness.

The main thing that impressed me was, “There is nothing outside the cluster of mirrors.” And yet, presumably everything that I sense and know and feel is created within the cluster.

(I wrote about my fascination with reflections, in different respects, in ”Reflections” and “More Reflections” early this year.)


  1. That's a wonderful image. Everything reflects back to us something about ourselves. Trees, hills, the sky. It all speaks to us about ourselves and how we feel. Within ourselves we are alone, but at the same time we are also connected and interdependent with everything. A wonderful image Fleming.

  2. Thank you, Link. I can't take credit for creating the image because it just appeared in my head during the night. Your interpretation adds a fresh dimension to the way I'm seeing it.

  3. There's a danger in that kind of dream...too much truth can be hard on the soul.

    I see all the mirrors with nothing outside them showing us that really we're all we've got.

    But! You at least know where to put your stock: Windex. ;)

  4. Shelley, hello. Philosophy combined with investment advice . . . and a good laugh (Windex) -- what a winning combination! Thank you.

    Your way at looking at the meaning of the mirrors is similar to mine, although I'm not sure whether the image pertains to each individual or to the ultimate Source of consciousness.

  5. amazing reflections!!! loved it!

    thank you for visiting my post and your kind words. glad you enjoy it.

  6. Magiceye, thanks for YOUR kind words.

    It's always a pleasure to visit your blogs.

  7. it is the way i try to look at the world.

    as if i am looking at aspects of myself in each thing i observe.

    doesn`t always work out that way though.