Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just for Fun

A Jewish lady friend sent these cartoons to my wife a couple of days ago, and the timing is so amazing that I can't resist sharing them. I also can't resist remarking that I think the art of "being offended" has been developed to dazzling heights in the past 50 years and fine-tuned to incredible degrees of sensitivity. If these cartoons offend you, or the idea that they might offend other people offends you, then please just go to your room, close the door, and cry quietly.



  1. the timing of the baptist one couldn`t have been better.

    i have a little book of cartoons like that somewhere called "holy unacceptable" i will have to dig it up and see if i can contravene some copyright laws.

  2. Amen, brother. I'm hoping the lady who sent the cartoons to my wife is solely responsible for any copyright violations, but I doubt it.

    The same lady, who apparently loves to collect Jewish humor, sent an hilarious piece of writing on "Zen Judaism" that I hope I can find. That was a long time ago.

    I'm trying to get up my energy to revisit the carnage in the Comments on my last post.

  3. Not to rain on your Fourth of July parade or anything, but with respect to the first cartoon, I feel compelled to point out that any Arab who is a Muslim practices circumcision as well... It is required in Islam.

    That having been said, the cartoons are very amusing.

  4. Nice but it doesn't mitigate the offence that I a non-Jew and non-Christian and opponent of political correctness felt at your previous post.

  5. Nabila, thank you for the very important information. Obviously the cartoonist didn't perform his "due diligence" before putting pen to paper. I would think that anyone making such a joke would have checked the facts first.

    When I think about it, that cartoon really makes a kind of subtle political statement doesn't it?

  6. Well, Naj, these things do happen. (Olympic Swimmer.) We've read about them.

    Thanks. I LOL'd too.