Saturday, July 21, 2007


Last night as I was watching news video on television, Hilary Clinton came down some steps toward the camera, looking fit and smiling. I was suddenly hit with a premonition that she has, or will have, a physical problem that will prevent her from completing a term as President of the United States. The area that I sensed would be the focus of the problem was her mid-body, generally from the lower rib cage to the thighs.

It was quite a strong feeling, accompanied by the psychic "electrical shock" that I've experienced with valid precognition in the past. I was completely unprepared for it, but it was my immediate interpretation that, "This woman will never finish a term as president."

I hestitated to post this, but I'm doing so, just for the record.


  1. I don't get that electrical shock you sense as described here in this post but I get a warning signal when I look into her face. It already looks tired and we ain't in 08 yet. But I've had this warning rush a couple of times. I'm interpreting it to mean, Hillary don't run!

  2. Let's hope you're wrong, Fleming.

    I would love to have a woman President, and certainly after the last 7 years of Hell I would choose a Democratic party Pet Rock over any Republican.

  3. Tidalgrrrl and Zoey, I would prefer to be wrong. Of the likely candidates, she's the one I'd be most likely to vote for. All I have against her is her supporting vote for the war.

    I don't see any warning signals in her face, and I don't have any personal feelings involved: It just came to me as psychic flashes do, involuntarily and inexplicably.