Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday morning, in that half waking state which often brings unusual perceptions, I saw vividly the words: “You will be heard”, as if typed on the lower part of a piece of paper which had some sort of innocently pleasant images above. The message was accompanied by a strong feeling of electricity and great importance which startled me.

I immediately associated “You will be heard” with my efforts to pray before I fell asleep late that night.

Prayer – which might be defined as human efforts to communicate (often verbally) with a higher power – is a vexing subject, as many posts in this blog attest. If “giving orders to the universe” is a form of prayer (see my previous post), I am back on that subject again because my prayer these days is based on myself as a lens focusing the power of the Source to achieve desired results. My words and mental images form effects which the Source will create in the human world. . . or so I believe.

The unusual thing about the night whose morning brought the message was that I had struggled over the dilemma whether or not to include among my positive orders for the benefit of myself and others, any negative commands aimed at people who are creating pain and injustice in the world. I knew the spiritual teaching that I should never let anger and hatred or a desire for revenge affect my wishes, and that praying bad things on others will rebound to injure me.

But during these days of the unholy Israeli massacres in Gaza I couldn't help feeling outrage of the most extreme degree, and so a few days ago I decided to let myself go and try to focus the Source on the destruction of those who are killing many hundreds of people, a third of them children, inside a relatively defenseless enclave forced on its population by their Israeli occupiers. My anger extended not only to Israel and its supporters in the United States, but also to the idea that there was some biblical “God” who was allowing such a thing to happen.

So for several days I did my best to focus the Source on those horrible murderers and asked for and visualized their defeat and destruction. As a concession to certain spiritual teachings I also tried to replace the bloody carnage with images of peace and of people moving back to cultivate the lands which the Israelis had stolen from them. I also tried to see myself in the role of a dispassionate gardener who must cut off a diseased branch in order to save the tree. I tried not to feel any hatred. A surgeon who removes a leg so that the body can be relieved of pain and poison is not motivated by anger or a desire for revenge, but instead by a positive desire to bring health.

Be that as it may, the night before the morning message I realized that a nagging discomfort I felt was coming from my “negative prayers”. Apparently I could not focus a destructive design to rid the earth of a source of injustice and pain without polluting my own spirit with anger. So, with a sense of guilt because I felt I was abandoning a good cause, I decided to end my prayers for destruction. That was not because I felt sorry for the people I might hurt, but because of a spiritual principle.

I do not know which of my words will be heard, but I know that “You will be heard” came to me with authority and created a feeling of ecstatic happiness. I was in an elevated mood throughout that morning, feeling that I had been favored with communication of a very unusual kind even though I have only my intuition to interpret it.

Please note that I have written extensively about Israel and its supporters in the United States in my other blog, VIEW FROM THE MOON.


  1. You share a strange,weird experience that only a few people have been favored. But I was a little disappointed when I read you decided to end your prayers for destruction. Don't ask me why! It was the first thought that came into my mind without thinking of it. With a sense of guilt because you felt you were abandoning a good cause, you just abandoned a good cause. Don't replace "your" carnage with peace images just to feel better. Replace it with the real bloody carnage so you will see it is worthwhile to continue your prayers. See through the eyes of those children. What will you choose? To obey again some spiritual teachings -- "God's teachings?" -- or to be the gardener, the surgeon? You will be heard!

  2. Fleming, I agree with Adriana as that hit me the same way. I can't think of a more dramatic feeling then the sorrow felt at looking at the picture of the dead child on your other blog Moon. But continue to pray. We all must. And I for one pray that Obama is not going to knuckle under to the great lobby of sin like all those who came before him.

  3. I think You did the right thing when You stopped. Nothing ever gets better with hate or an eye for an eye thinking.

  4. Thank you, Christer. I did stop in spite of opinion to the contrary, because I thought that wishing harm on other people might boomerang to hurt me.