Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Memoirs Ahead

About three weeks ago I was amazed to see that the number of visits to FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS had suddenly increased from less than 10 per week to more than 80. Each week another surprising report came in -- numbers like 72, 60, 56. I have no idea why that has happened (I wish people would leave comments), but it has motivated me to take renewed interest in this dormant blog.

In addition, after feeling completely uninspired for a long time to write more of my memoirs I woke up yesterday morning with a strong desire to continue them. I don't know why that happened either. It was not based on any rationale. It came as a simple strong impulse -- a most welcome gift to one who has always thrived on periods consuming enthusiasm. I felt as if my becalmed sailing ship, drifting nowhere for weeks, had suddenly been brought to life as a hearty breeze filled its sails. So, I will soon be posting a fairly short chapter on childhood holidays, and then a more ambitious memoir of my introduction to religion.

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