Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Cures and Motivation

In response to an email I’ve received about my “self cure” story, I want to clarify that I’ve never thought of myself as having a special gift for curing myself or other people. My point in yesterday’s post was that it might benefit ANYONE to take the same attitude I did, and use the same method – commanding rather than begging.

I picked the example of my sudden cure on the ship because it was spectacular and remarkable, and because it was a turning point in which I was convinced that I had found a new path I should follow.

I wish I could say that every other time I felt an illness coming on (generally a cold or occasional flu) I had been able to banish it instantly. It’s not that easy for me, although I am convinced that I’ve stopped some illnesses and shortened and mitigated the symptoms of others by using the method of command rather than request.

Commanding the cells or your body to kill or throw out the invaders and end the illness quickly is certainly preferable to lying around feeling sorry for yourself. Also, the mere act of taking command, of identifying with that higher part of yourself which is a spark of the immortal and all-powerful, is a source of healing strength. If you think of yourself as a mere helpless blob you are less likely to draw on infinite power to help you than if you consider yourself a blob enlivened by a soul which is never separated from the Source of all power.

As for my success on the ship, I was unusually highly motivated. I was looking forward tremendously to all the pleasures of the voyage. I love the ocean and boats of all kinds, and I loved the lavish variety of beautiful food served on those last great ocean liners (all included in the price of the ticket, remember), and I could think of no holiday more exciting than a week on the “France” or the “Rotterdam” with the companionship of strangers suddenly transformed into best friends as only the alchemy of an ocean voyage is able to do. To exchange all that for a week of coughing and wheezing in a little cabin – no thank you!

So, I’m sure that immense motivation had a lot to do with my cure, and I expect the same was true of the man who stalled the tsunami wave. I don’t imagine that he would have the same success if, on an ordinary day when he wanted to go out fishing and didn’t like the height of the waves, he commanded the wind to drop. On the other hand, who knows?

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  1. I was instantly cured of chronic fatigue sundrome after suffering from it for up to 30 years, by something which started with immense frustration and led to an excitement and then to see a therapist who specialised in this condition (in Stoke Poges, near Beaconsfield!) and it happened in my very first treatment session: ping!

    What you describe in this and previous post is, I believe the basis of every healing miracle.