Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Helpful Truths

Yesterday I mentioned some "self help" books which actually helped me. Of course I've also been helped by writings which readers would consider more profound, and I've often referred to such writings in this blog. For now, though, I just want to list some of the truths -- or truisms -- which came to my mind after I wrote yesterday's post.

You become what you think and imagine and believe.

What you encounter in your universe is affected by what you think and imagine and believe.

Some say that your universe itself, and your afterlife, are literally a result of what you think, imagine, and believe. YOU create your universe and your afterlife.

What you say to yourself about yourself and your abilities can free you or chain you.

If you believe that you are worthy of something, you can achieve it; if you believe that you are unworthy of something, you will not get it.

You will have no more than you are deeply convinced you are worthy of having.

What you say you believe may not be what you really believe.

If you avoid negative words and emphasize positive words, you will benefit, although words are less important than mental images and deep beliefs.

Even pretending that you are another person – even an actor in a movie role – who appears to embody what you aspire to be, can have a positive effect. Pretending you are "the kind of person who" enables you to step outside the self that you do not want to be, and to feel, if only momentarily, what it is like to be the person you want to be.

Imaging and Will and Belief create your future. To receive or achieve what you desire, imagine yourself already surrounded by the conditions you desire.

To ask for things is to admit that you don’t have them. Do not say, “I want,” or “I would like to have,” but rather “I have.”

Imagine that you already have the thing you desire, and see it in vivid detail while applying your Will. Then, with a feeling of confidence and faith in the workings of the universe, step out of the way and leave the method of materializing your desires to the Source.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Be alert for clues in “coincidences”.

Always accept and act on your first impulse or psychic flash. The second thought is almost always misleading.

You attract what you expect.

Like attracts like. What is within you comes into your environment. Your anger attracts anger into your life. Your happiness attracts happiness into your life.


  1. I'm quite surprised that you have written this, given that you wanted to focus on the beliefs which came naturally to you free from outside influence. The instances you have just quoted appear to be fashionable "New Age" ideas of the present moment. I am not saying they are wrong.