Sunday, February 25, 2007

I woke up this morning with the distinct sensation that I had returned to a station after being away. Halfway dreaming, I was standing in a sunny room in my house which seemed somewhat unfamiliar, as when you walk into your home for the first time after a long vacation trip.

The word “station” was the term insisted upon in the phrase, “distinct sensation I had returned to a station. . .” which came into my mind almost as soon as I woke up. It was about 4 a.m.

I’ve never had that experience before. I really felt as if I had returned to this "station" after being a long way from my body and bed and house. The implication was that there was more than one "station".


  1. the "station" being where your body was to be found, when you needed to return to it, before you woke up? Extraordinary. My stepfather when he got old & retired used to sit in a chair, awake but unmoving, and go "astral travelling" to all sorts of places.

  2. I have had this experience many times in my life. In fact, I have been able to choose a station on occasion... but that ability is not consistent.

    It is time as well as space that is involved. More than once, I have been conscious of going back to an earlier period in my life, even though it was a 'different' life.

  3. Freyashawk, I'm excited about your comment on your own experiences, especially because I hope you'll be willing to throw more light on the subject.

    Apparently the word "station" doesn't seem as strange to you as it did to me. And, unlike your "travels", my own experience involved simply feeling that I had returned, but with no idea where I'd been.

    Would you be willing to write more about the experiences which you compare to mine, and elaborate on the concept of "stations"? If you write a full length post I will publish it as such (a "guest post") rather than as a comment. Or, because you have your own blog, maybe you would want to publish your essay there and let me discuss it on FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS.

    Please let me know.

  4. I never got the "different life" element of feeling but have also awakened and felt I had just arrived from a trip from somewhere only to pace the floors, drink some coffee and return to bed and the same dream. I can never remember specifics but I always know that that place was like total security for me. I always said to myself, I wished I knew how to trigger whatever it was that took me there that night, every night. I've had that same experience many times over the years, most recently a week before having surgery.

  5. I can never remember what had happened in my dream when I wake up.
    Freyashawk experiences sound interesting, please share more.

  6. Pink Ginger, it's very good to have you back. I hope that Freyashawk listens to you and shares more of her experiences.

    Really, do you never remember your dreams? I think that is unusual. Maybe that's why you look so happy. Maybe your sleeping life and waking life are in harmony.

  7. such an interesting experience and you wrote beautifully about it.
    I just took a loot at your "flights of pergasus" and it seems even more interesting than the other blog.. smile.
    I'll be back often.

  8. Joice, thank you for the encouraging words.

    To say the least, I am glad that you like PEGASUS. I've been feeling a little discouraged about it recently.

    Could you give me an idea for a subject for a PEGASUS post? All I have to do is look at the news each morning and I have a dozen ideas for VIEW FROM THE MOON, but FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS has to come from my own inspiration.

    It's very good to know that you are reading PEGASUS. And when I'm freezing up here I can think of you warm in Brazil.

  9. Fleming, you have a title for this very interesting post.
    All the Best.

  10. Take whatever time you need in this space, Fleming. "Flights of Pegasus" is the clue.

  11. i have recently had dreams of my youth, primarily because a woman from my past contacted me and churned up memories that i had virtually forgotten.

    some of these dreams were biographical, but one or two were an alternate reality where things were radically different and had elements of my present life mixed together.

    the revisiting of a different life.

  12. Davo, your comment is very thoughtful. Thank you.

  13. Alistair, it's very interesting that a woman from your youth has caused you to dream about your past. That makes sense, although no one has told me about such an experience before.

    Isn't it amazing how detailed memories can be inaccessible to us until some key comes along that opens the storage box. Just think, there are detailed pictures in my memory banks that I'd love to see but can't coax out . . . and yet someday may jump out in living color.

    I'd like to know more about your dreams that "were an alternate reality where things were radically different and had elements of my present life mixed together. the revisiting of a different life." If you aren't going to write about them in your blog, how about writing about them here?