Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tornado, DeLand, Florida: Pictures I Took This Morning

These were taken within half a mile from home today. Most of the roads are open now after being closed for a couple of days after the tornado.

It's worth clicking on the pictures of the bicycle and the chandelier for an enlarged view, even though it takes awhile to show up.

The ABC store, Sonny's Barbeque, and Mi Mexico still stand! Damage is to the exteriors and not the structures . . . although the businesses haven't reopened yet.


  1. Those are impressive pictures. I'm glad that your home was spared.

  2. Laura, thank you. I appreciate this first comment from you.

  3. it`s a shock brother. take the time to heal, help if you can and rebuild.

    my ex-wife`s house burned down one beautiful warm afternoon. nobody was hurt thankfully, but as we ran toward the house i caught her as her legs let go under her from the inset of shock.

    where we live is our place on in the world and it is so fragile.

    like life it`s self.

  4. Dr. Alistair, I like your comment. For my wife and me it wasn't an ordeal, just a few hours power outage, but as we walked through the subdivision where so many homes were lost and so few were liveable, we talked to people there who were removing things from damaged homes and realized the impact. No power there, just water. No way to cook, I would think. It seemed strange that when we asked what they needed, what we might bring, they all said they didn't need anything! Maybe they were relatively cheerful because they had survived . . . and as you said, where we live in the world is so fragile.